Website Design

The Rob Cryer Scholarship

The Rob Cryer Scholarship annually awards a prize for the best thesis in international law in memory of Professor Robert Cryer.
The client asked us to create a website that acts as an information hub, but can also be the main source of information for a series of planned events.

The Rob Cryer Scholarship was founded by friends and colleagues of Professor Cryer, honour his memory and legacy. Together with the Birmingham Law School and Cambridge University Press they are instituting an annual prize for the best PhD thesis in international law. An international conference is planned for June 2023.

The client needed a custom designed Website that would inform the public about the prize, outline Professor Cryer’s academic achievements, as well as inform about the upcoming conference.

We created a custom built WordPress Website with full blog functionality and developed a wordpress plugin to collect and present Professor Cryer’s countless publications and media appearances.

We continue to support the Rob Cryer Scholarship with our comprehensive Web Hosting service, that includes regular Backups of the Website as well as updating the WordPress installation and the website’s content.


April 2022 – August 2022
(14 Weeks)